Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Forsaken World Level Hack v1.21

Forsaken World Level Hack 2013
The Forsaken World Level Hack version 1.2.1 is the first ever hack for the popular fantasy MMORPG we all know and love, Forsaken Worlds. Developed and programmed by l33tj33rs. This hack enables the user to alter the levels his/her Forsaken World characters. Thanks to a backdoor technique and a nifty new security feature called "Undetectable Mode" the program is able to operate stealthily without being detected. This means there is a 0% risk of being banned by using it. It is the very first completely undetectable hack developed for Forsaken Worlds! And best of all it doesn't require a password to operate. So you can use this hack as much as you want, completely worry free. That is our goal for all future hacks here at!

No more countless hours of grinding quests and God Trials just to level up! Now you can do so with a click of a button. This hack is exclusive to EZ Game Hacks and can only be found here.

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How to use the Forsaken World Level Hack v1.2.1:
Simply enter the username you use to login in the first text box. In the second text box, enter the name of the character you wish to level up. In the last text box, enter the level you want your character to be. Lastly, click the start hack button to initiate the hack.


  1. Well, it was worth it to download everything works as it should